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No wonder lawyers bring in the currency.

Silly Homo sapiens, of course you have the freedom to express your thoughts and ideas. No one can stop you.

Just be prepared to bear the consequences.


Louder than words.

Many problems perceived by Homo sapiens would be solved if they stopped talking and start taking action.

Express your beliefs with care.

Inspired by one of the greatest visionaries Earth has ever had, the planet Melagrotto set about creating a device that functions identically–in principle–as the Total Perspective Vortex some 6,000 years before Earth was properly formed.

The machine–jokingly dubbed ‘Total Perspective Wombat’–was largely meant as an outlet to dispell boredom, but soon it became apparent that the experiment was far too successful and the rest of its galaxy finally had consider its consequences seriously.

Instead of a fairy cake, the TPW was linked up with some of the oldest space dust known to that sector of the solar system. Billions watched as self-proclaimed ‘Galactic Genocide Extraordinaire’ Jera’di of Hothriq was led into the machine for his ‘execution’.

He emerged a much less maniac version of his previous self with a new love for philosophy and deeply profound knowledge of the universe. Jera’di’s incident with the TPW ushered in a new age of intellectuals–many of the greatest minds across space and time would become his followers, but none were able to fully grasp the extent of what enlightenment he inherited from the TPW. Jera’di’s teachings are now followed in many parts of the universe in loose reference to his famous last words: Know you know nothing, the universe will answer.

Less accepted was the machine that gave Jera’di a new lease on life. The TPW, its blueprints and creators were promptly destroyed following the revelation of Jera’di’s altered mind. Apparently because most people prefer retribution for heinous war crimes and a good execution.

This knowledge is relevant to any galactic traveller touring Earth as Homo sapiens have a saying: “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” by a philosopher called Socrates. It is speculated that he was one of Jera’di’s followers who tried and subsequently failed to spread the wisdom amongst Homo spaiens. Do not attempt to preach Jera’di’s teachings here; Socrates was executed.

Behaviour embedded deep into their brains.

The Homo sapiens volume of vocalisation is a curious thing. When suddenly presented a communication device–a mobile phone–most of them raise their voices by a few decibels regardless of their surrounding audio environment. When communication through this primitive device is severed, they bring their volume levels right back down to suit their environment again.

Perhaps the strangest observation about it is that they are not aware of this volume switch unless told.

Thankfully, telepathy is currently out of their reach.

Homo sapiens have an impressively insatiable need to verbalise. This urge to speak is so great they will often resort to stating the blatant obvious, the very silly, the very unneeded, or all that at the same time.

One merely needs to wait and emulate mutual comprehension to entice a Homo sapiens into disclosing details.

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