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An unknown greater power is at work here.

Female Homo sapiens tend to carry around some form of bags (remnants of their ancient gathering behaviour as opposed to the male hunting ones, I am guessing).  This is nothing unusual.

What is fascinating is that they seem to make these bags–no matter how small–function as some sort of portable black holes; stuffing an impossible array of items into an unreasonably small container with astonishing success. This will be an interesting subject to research.


It cannot get any less obvious.

In many primitive species–regardless of galaxy–the issue of predation dictates that the creatures will evolve to evade detection, simply grow too large to be considered a target or become an apex predator.

Homo sapiens seem to defy this rule: their offspring’s cries resonate for miles around like a beacon to hungry creatures, the female adults even seem to prefer travelling around irritably noisily wearing strange, impractical and health-hazardous footwear called ‘high-heels’. Hardly a wonder why they have to engineer bubble environments.

At the very least, they do not try to sit -in- them.

Much like the Felis catus is with cardboard boxes, the female Homo sapiens displays obsessive tendencies when presented with reflective surfaces.

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