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The 1st of April.

In accordance to the Homo sapiens’ calendar, April 1st on Earth is a special day. The occasion–called April Fool’s–is celebrated by the specie with lies, jokes, pranks and other forms of deception among one another.

As travellers to Earth who may choose to disguise themselves as Homo sapiens, be advised that these forms of celebratory expression may be inflicted upon you in varying degrees of 1) hilarity, 2) severity or 3) shock factor. Though I feel the Universe has far more extremes to throw at us, do not underestimate the Homo sapiens’ creativity and take all necessary precautions.

These forms of deception on April Fools’ should be taken lightly and forgiven simply because it is the purpose of this apparently unproductive festival of manipulation. I do believe Homo sapiens see it as a day to laugh at themselves…

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