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No wonder lawyers bring in the currency.

Silly Homo sapiens, of course you have the freedom to express your thoughts and ideas. No one can stop you.

Just be prepared to bear the consequences.


Louder than words.

Many problems perceived by Homo sapiens would be solved if they stopped talking and start taking action.

Even comes with coffee and crackers.

Failing to understand the purpose of ‘meetings’ as anything more than long drawn-out corporate chatting sessions; nothing gets done during them.

Nitpicky or simply bored?

I do not understand why certain Homo sapiens insist whichever language is ‘deteriorating’ or not being as it should. Language is a reflection of the creatures that use it. Like the users, language changes with culture, ideas and events.

The purpose of language is to communicate. If a language–however broken or ‘mangled’–achieves this, what exactly is the problem?

The next time a Homo sapiens tells you to use proper <language>, tell it to speak in pure Anglo-Saxon, Latin or Sanskrit.

Behaviour embedded deep into their brains.

The Homo sapiens volume of vocalisation is a curious thing. When suddenly presented a communication device–a mobile phone–most of them raise their voices by a few decibels regardless of their surrounding audio environment. When communication through this primitive device is severed, they bring their volume levels right back down to suit their environment again.

Perhaps the strangest observation about it is that they are not aware of this volume switch unless told.

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